About Me

Hi! I am a graphic designer, artist, photographer in Girard, OH, just north of Youngstown.

I grew up not far from here in Vienna, OH, where I attended the Mathews School District. I have always enjoyed drawing, from stick figures to my favorite cartoon characters to portraits.

After high school, I moved to Pittsburgh to attend the Art Institute with a major in Computer Animation. I learned so much there; it was a fantastic experience. I also fell in love with the city and made some great friends. As for the courses, computer animation turned out not to be for me. I preferred the pre-production process. Concept development, character design and storyboarding. I also enjoyed web design and desktop video. However, I learned a lot of skills and methods that landed me a graphic design job and I loved it. I no longer do that job full time; now I do freelance work.

I like to try out different styles, mediums and subjects. I enjoy the digital arts of invitations, cards, birth announcements, and restoring old photos. I keep drawing and painting when inspiration strikes and time allows. I do portraits and sketches of people and animals as gifts, and like to create a few works for the county fair and local art shows. I’ve participated in craft shows and art festivals to sell my works on occasion.

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